The Butcher has requested that all orders are placed at the village office by phone 801 or emailed: by Thursday morning’s and he will deliver into the office on Friday’s.  No direct calls please.

Grace Dieu Meals already deliver daily hot meals to the village and they can also provide frozen meals for those that have the ability to store (leaflet posted).  If you require a delivery going forward. please call:  Jo: 07734 010235 or  Email:

Ben’s Kitchen are offering a couple of different services. Call: 07873 685308 or Email:

Community Boxes will be delivered on Wednesday’s, orders must be in by Tuesday lunch time – delivery free of charge.

Community Box – All for £20.00
2 litres of semi-skimmed milk

1 Medium sliced loaf

6 Free range eggs

2kg Potatoes

1 Savoy cabbage

1kg Carrots

2 White onions

1 Red onion

250g Mushrooms

250kg Cherry tomatoes

1 Cucumber

1kg Bananas

1kg Apples

1kg Clementines

500g Grapes