Movement to Music

Creative momentum

Wednesday: 10am – 11am

Movement to music is an excellent way to support brain health, along with physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being.  Movement is key for healthy aging, maintaining mobility and quality of life, and music is a wonderful medium for connecting and uplifting.

Various fitness aspects are woven in to the class: cardio, muscular strength, endurance and power, flexibility, balance, reaction speed, and multi-tasking.  Participants are equally welcome to move with smaller or bigger movements, or to simply rest, enjoy the music and dance through their imagination.  The most important thing is that participants pay attention to what their body needs and listen to their own limits.

In these classes, there is no “wrong” way to move, and there are no lengthy routines to remember.  Movement to Music classes include a mix of seated and improvised movement activities.  Our instructor provides an example and general structure, encouraging each person to move in the ways that work for their body and mobility.

Contact: Jeane on 308 or Barbara on 707