Resident Association

The Residents Association was set up to safeguard residents interests on October 26th 1987 who in turn set up a Social Sub-Committee to manage its operations.  Over the last 31 years the Centre has developed greatly, with the facilities offered, and is a credit to the volunteer organisers and helpers that run it.

All permanent Residents on the Village are automatically members of the Residents Association but of course this can’t run proficiently without the residents taking an active interest.  The Association Committee of seven elected by the members at its Annual General Meeting, held in May of each year, consists of three Officers: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer plus four ordinary members.  The Committee meet once a month to discuss the  Village and receive monthly Management and quarterly financial reports.

The social committee comprises of at least eight members who are not necessarily part of the formal residents committee.  This group are responsible for organising the social activities at the centre.

Clearly over the years the residents association has modernised itself with forward looking views whilst still retaining the guidelines of the constitution.

Current Committee Members:

Chairperson: Glenis Maskery (721)

Secretary: Judy Stevens (704)

Treasurer: Barry Mingay (314)

Member: Terry Nilhil (703) – Deputy Chair

Member: Sue Hughes (301)

Member: John Hales (514)

Member: Mavis Hollingbery (214)